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What is GISAR?

A smartphone application that creates an AR view based on Google Maps

  1. What is GISAR
    GISAR(ɡáɪzəː) is an application to view the points registered in Google My Maps.
    The smartphone is equipped with GPS, geomagnetic sensor, gyroscope, camera, so you can know where you are and where the camera is facing.
    Using AR technology, this application can display points registered in Google My Maps along with explanations on the camera screen.

  2. Try the demo
    GISAR displays Google My Maps that you created as described below, but there is also a demo map created for AR view. Please use the browser of PC / smart phone and display the following page.
    If it is troublesome to input the URL from the keyboard, please read the QR code on the right. Any browser is OK. If you do not select a map close to your location, the display will be smaller. In this page,,,
    1. After pressing "Select" at the "Apple Store, Apple Store in USA and Japan", return to the GISAR app and click on the "Reload" button, you can view the Apple store in Japan and California on the camera screen. It is quite far, but you can see the Apple store in the U.S. If reading is slow, press the "Range" button in the upper left.
    2. If you press "Select" at the "47県庁所在地, 47 prefectural office location..." ,return to the GISAR app and click on the "Reload" button, You can view the prefectural office in Japan. The prefectural office building in the distance looks small, but the office of the prefecture in the neighborhood can be seen big.
    3. If you are in Tokyo, please press "Select" at the "山手線29駅, Yamanote line 29 stations...". Return to the GISAR application and press the "Reload" button, the Yamanote line, 29 stations can be viewed in AR dramatically.
    4. By using GISAR at the coastal area of ​​the afflicted area of ​​the East Japan great earthquake, "Tsunami height / photograph" at the time of the earthquake can be displayed within 2 km from the camera direction. The height of the tsunami was provided by Tohoku University and the Nuclear Regulatory Authority's "Database of Tsunami Trace Database", and the photo at the time of the disaster was provided by "Reconstruction photograph by Tohoku University researchers" of "Michinoku Shin-Roku-Den".

  3. Quick Start Manual GISAR_how_to_use_e.pdf

  4. Create Google My Maps
    Let's make your own map for GISAR.
    Map to be displayed in AR will be created with Google My Maps using the browser of the computer instead of this application.
    It can not be created on the smartphone version of Google Maps.
    Also, I recommend using a personal computer in terms of browser screen size.
    You can use Google My Maps that other people have created and published, but it is easy to create by yourself.
    How to create Google My Maps is detailed by Google's HELP.
    Once you've created Google My Maps, please share it with "Anyone with the link" to load later.

  5. Registration of Google My Maps
    Map registration is done by pasting the URL of Google My Maps on the map registration / selection page.
    Since the URL of Google My Maps is complicated and long, it is reasonable to do it from the computer that created the map.
    This page can also be accessed from the smartphone, you can switch the map on the go.

  6. Operation of Application
    When launching the application, it becomes the screen of which map to use.
    Goto 1. map select>1.1 map

  7. Range button
    After starting, you can narrow down the range to be displayed by pressing the Range button.

  8. Tapping POI
    By tapping the POI displayed in the AR (the title of the point registered in Google My Maps), you can display what you input as a description on the map

Installing the GISAR application

  1. To install the Android version, do it from the Play store.

  2. To install the iOS (iPhone, iPad) version, do it from the App store.


Privacy policy on GISAR application

We respect your privacy. We hope to prevent unintended disclosure of privacy information by handling only the disclosed information. Users should be careful not to enter personal information or confidential information into this application or service. This section explains the data including the privacy information necessary for executing the GISAR application.

  1. Use of camera
    The GISAR application is an application that displays the points registered in Google My Maps on the camera, and the use of the camera is indispensable item. Camera data is used only in the application and is never sent to the outside.
  2. Use of location information
    The GISAR application is an application that displays the points registered in Google My Maps based on location information, and the use of location information is an indispensable item. Location information including GPS data is used only in the application and map selection page and is not sent to the outside. User location data is not saved, but access logs are deleted on request.
  3. Use of Google My Maps data
    The GISAR application is an application that displays the points registered in the specified Google My Maps, and the use of Google My Maps data is indispensable item. For GISAR application, use only Google My Maps published in sharing settings. Since the content of Google My Maps is open to the public through the GISAR application, please only use contents that you can publish.
  4. Use of map selection data
    The URL of Google My Maps is long and complicated and it is difficult to register / change within the GISAR application. For that reason, we have set up a web page for map selection. The personal map selection page can be created with a fake e-mail address, but map selection data is shared when the same address is entered. This means that there is a possibility that the registered map will be visible to other people. Register only Google My Maps that you can share / publish to others. All saved map selection data can be deleted by the user at any time.



  1. カメラの使用
  2. 位置情報の使用
    GISARアプリは位置情報に基づきGoogleマイマップに登録した地点を表示するアプリであり、位置情報の使用は必須項目です。GPSデータを含む位置情報は、アプリと地図選択専用ページ内でのみ使用され外部に送られることはありません。 ユーザーの位置データは保存していませんが、アクセスログは要求に応じて削除します。
  3. Googleマイマップデータの使用
    GISARアプリは指定したGoogleマイマップに登録した地点を表示するアプリであり、Googleマイマップデータの使用は必須項目です。GISARアプリで使うGoogleマイマップは共有設定により公開されたものだけを使います。 Googleマイマップのコンテンツは、GISARアプリを通じて、一般に公開されますので、公開可能な内容としてください。
  4. 地図選択データの使用
    GoogleマイマップのURLは長く複雑で、アプリ内で登録/変更することは難しいです。そのため、 地図選択のためのWebページを設けています。個人向けの地図選択ページは架空のメールアドレスで作成できますが、同じアドレスが入力されたときには地図選択データが共有されます。これは登録した地図が他の人に見える可能性があるということです。他人に見えても良いように公開可能なGoogleマイマップだけを登録してください。保存した地図選択データはユーザによりいつでも消去可能です。

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